Energy international Corporation is always looking for bright, talented and energetic individuals who posses the necessary qualifications to work for our company. Below is a list of current available positions:


Senior Estimation Engineer

Senior Estimation Engineer – Will provide cost estimation of Electromechanical/HVAC equipment for large clients worldwide.

In detail, the candidate will provide cost estimation of Electromechanical/HVAC equipment for clients which includes corporate and government entities, including international airports, trade centers, shopping malls, gas refineries, hospitals, hotels, schools, and factories across the globe.

Will develop cost estimation programs using different software packages (Pennbarry-Fansizer, Metalaire – ATU & GRD selection and pricing software, Airbalance –
ABI Goes).

Will help client determine the necessary equipment to utilize, such as commercial and industrial fans, air terminal units, humidifiers, electric heaters, air curtains, vibration controls, plumbing and air distribution products. The candidate will work with different manufacturers to ensure correct order is processed and review of acknowledgements. The position requires someone to follow-up on projects with clients to ensure that the equipment is fulfilling client needs.

Will prepare technical submittals for different equipment based on their applications. Approximately 35 percent of the candidate’s time will be spent on providing cost estimation of the electromechanical/HVAC equipment based on client specific needs. Since clients are massive government and corporate entities, this will be a complex undertaking. Approximately 30 percent of the time will be spent utilizing software packages for cost estimation programs.

Approximately 10 percent of the candidate’s time will be spent on processing orders and reviewing acknowledgements. Approximately 5 percent of time will be spent helping clients determine the necessary equipment to utilizing, in addition to the costs of said equipment.

Approximately 5 percent of his time will be spent providing follow up on clients to ensure the system obtained is working properly. Approximately 15 percent of the candidate’s time will be spent preparing technical submittals for the selected equipments to show how it meets the required application.

A minimum of the U.S. equivalent of a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering is required for the position. Travel to unanticipated locations is necessary. The job is based at our Michigan headquarters in Canton, MI.

40hr/wk, M-F, 9-5pm, $72,000.00 per year.