Energy Industrial Co. will manufacture Powered Aire air curtains for the Middle East and North African markets

Energy International Corporation (EIC) has signed an agreement with Powered Aire to become a licensed manufacture of Powered Aire’s line of air curtains in the UAE for distribution to the Middle East and North Africa.

The commercial and industrial units will be manufactured by Energy Industrial Co., EIC’s manufacturing facility, located in Sharjah, UAE.

““The Powered Aire/Energy International alliance has been a strong one in the Middle East market,” said Dr. Ned Fawaz, CEO and founder of Energy International. “This new venture will allow us to better serve our customers by reducing delivery times and shipping costs. It will also allow EIC and Powered Aire to work together to bring new and exciting products to the market.”

Powered Aire, with headquarters in Greenville, PA, USA is a leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial air curtains to markets around the globe.

Unlike competitor’s units, Powered Aire aims the air from the blowers towards the back of the air curtain, where it fills a plenum and is then forced evenly across the length of the air curtain providing a more efficient barrier.

Another benefit of this design is a reduction in noise levels as the air discharged from the plenum is evenly dispersed across a larger cross-section, drastically lowering sound levels.

Powered Aire air curtains are available in galvanized steel and stainless-steel construction and are the only air curtains in the market available in non-corrosive stainless steel.

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