For more than 50 years Jacir and Gohl have been specialized in the development and manufacture of innovative cooling tower technologies. Jacir-Gohl’s technological competence, years of expe¬rience and the largest European product range places them in a position to offer customers appropriate solutions in premi¬um quality for their individual requirements. As one of the leading experts for cooling, Jacir and Gohl have sup¬plied more than 65,000 cooling towers to nearly 100 countries for a wide range of applications in HVAC and Industrial Process Cooling.

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Jacir-Gohl Products

VAP Open Circuit Cooling Tower


The Model VAP is also available with a Plate Heat Exchanger skid that makes a true closed circuit cooling tower. The VAP technology allows separation between the cooling tower’s evaporative circuit and the user’s circuit.
– Cooling capacity 30-350 m³/h, 250-4000 kW, 330-5000 USGPM
– Casing is constructed of self-supporting corrosion-proof (FRP) panels.
– Packing is made up of PVC sheets installed on stainless steel supports
– Optional polyester basin is easily drained for cleaning
– UV-proof louvers prevent splash out and slow bacterial growth
– Large diameter nozzles are less sensitive to drift reducing risk of bacterial contamination
– Direct-coupled fan/motor reduces operating and maintenance costs
– All internal parts can be completely removed for cleaning

TEC Sliding Casing Cooling Tower

The TEC structure is made of non-corrosive high-density fiberglass lined with a PVC coating, pre-assembled at the factory to reduce on-site installation time.
– Cooling capacity 200-1000 m³/h, 1000-5000 kW, 1300-6500 USGPM
– FreeFilm exchange surface Packing made up of PVC sheets – standard up to 55°C with options for 70°C and 80°C
– Optional FRP basin is assembled with stainless steel bolts, easily drained for cleaning
– Large diameter nozzles are less sensitive to drift reducing risk of bacterial contamination.
– Easy maintenance – totally accessible for cleaning
– No mechanical transmission

SF Closed Circuit Tower


The SF range is fully factory assembled on a single frame and composed of a removable and cleanable Plate Heat Exchanger, a pump and filter with all technical accessories grouped together in a closed room, accessible through a large door.
– Cooling capacity 6-190 m³/h, 80-1200 kW, 100-1200 USGPM
– Stainless or galvanized steel construction folded 2 or 4 times on the 4 sides providing complete noise insulation
– SS Plate Heat Exchanger mounted in self-supporting casing with large access door
– Patented FRC filter keeps entire evaporative loop clean
– Jacir plumeless system (option) facilitates 30% to 50% water savings
– Options for additional noise attenuation

RH Heavy Duty Cooling Towers


Available in galvanized steel but mostly made of very high corrosion resistance stainless steel, (better than AISI 316), folded two or four times at the four sides creating extremely rigid construction.
– Cooling capacity 70-660 m³/h, 300-4000 kW, 400-5000 USGPM
– Highly-efficient axial fans located in the dry air flow out of the basin
– Basin inclined to secure a complete and clean drain.
– All connections are located on the same panel
– X-STREAM infill system resists clogging, using water with solids content up to 400 mg/l
– Low noise design thanks to selecting fan orientation in the most favorable direction
– Easy to clean – Low maintenance

DT Open Circuit Cooling Tower


The DT cooling tower is designed for applications where large amounts of water are required for refrigeration machines and/or where low cooling water temperatures need to be reached. The DT towers are ideal for all HVAC applications. Through re-cooling, some appreciable water savings of up to 98% can be achieved. Space-saving design, easy assembly and extensive list of accessories make it unbeatable.
– 6-1000 m³/h, 50-5000 kW, 70-7000 USGPM
– No great demands on cooling water quality
– Low cooling water temperatures (3-4 K above the wet bulb temperature)
– High efficiency, space saving design
– Low noise level – Low power consumption – Low cost
– Easy Installation – Wide range of accessories

VK Evaporative Cooler for Closed Circuit Operation


Closed circuit cooling towers are especially advantageous in situations where the unit requires clean water that is free from deposits and is not corrosive. The VK features a compact design and can be installed outdoors with no requirement for expansive built up areas.
– 6-780 m³/h, 50-5000 kW, 70-6500 USGPM
– No deposit in the cooling water system
– Possible shutdown of the second circuit in cooler weather conditions using air-cooling only
– Compact design
– Doesn’t require an enclosed space
– Lower water treatment costs

SK Stream Cooling


SK cooling towers offer a unique design that can be installed indoors. The side-stream cooling tower is used where large amounts of water are required for refrigeration machines, but where the installation conditions only allow a lateral connection of the air duct system, such as in a mezzanine, basement or a room with low ceilings.
– 16-64 m³/h. 250 – 920 kW
– Horizontal ducting, exhaust air deflector integrated into unit eliminating the chance for debris to enter from above

DT eco Cooling Tower

DT eco

The DT ecoTec features a unique design that perfectly integrates all of the cooling tower’s individual components into one, complete system resulting in a tower with maximum energy efficiency, low current consumption and optimized cooling capacity.
– Electrical consumption max. 12,6 kW
– Sound Pressure level in 3m max. 65,8 dBA
– Aerodynamically integrated fan system delivers 30% energy saving
– Low-pressure water distribution system effectively reduces the formation of vapor clouds
– Inclined bottom tray ensures a quick, complete and clean drain
– Best hygiene conditions in accordance with VDI 2047 sheet 2
– Large hatch and passageway allow easy access thorough cleaning and maintenance of components