Located in Greenville, PA, USA, Powered Aire specializes in designing, engineering and manufacturing a full line of competitively-priced, stainless steel commercial and industrial air curtains.

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Powered Aire Products

Commercial Air Curtains

Powered Aire’s commercial product line brings versatility to the retail, restaurant and healthcare industries by offering low-profile, exposed, and in-ceiling mounting configurations. Welded case construction, low-noise plenum discharge, and a variety of heating and control options make this product line the superior choice for commercial buildings. All Powered Aire air curtains are ETL certified in the U.S. and Canada.

Model EVE Elite Vestibule Exception Air Curtain


Designed be used as an exception to costly, space-consuming vestibules pending AMCA certification.
– Single Increment widths from 2.5 ft. to 10 ft.
– 18-gauge 304 stainless steel in a number three finish (for brushed/mirrored steel units only)
– The motor/blower plate comes out of the unit as an entire piece and the electrical connections can be made on the top or sides of the unit for more versatility
– Available in mirrored/polished stainless steel, white powder coat and black powder coat

Model CED/CHS Customer Entrance Air Curtain


Designed for high traffic customer and personal doors with openings up to 11 feet high.
– CED curtains available in unheated or electric heat
– CHD curtains available in hot water or steam
– CED nozzle widths from 36 to 145 inches
– CHD nozzle widths from 45 to 174 inches
– Dual speed

Model MP Low Profile Air Curtain


Designed for use where headroom is limited for openings up to 10 feet high.
– Only 8.5 inches high and 13.5 inches wide
– Nozzle widths from 29 to 117 inches
– Unheated and electric heat
– Hot water or steam available
– Variable speed and dual speed models

Chameleon Flush Mounted Air Curtain


One piece unit installs above the ceiling.
– CLD Model (.5 hp motors) for customer entrances up to 11 feet high
– CHD (.75 hp motors) for customer entrances up to 14 feet high
– Nozzle widths from 36 to 144 inches
– High and low speeds
– Hinged grille for easy filter access
– Unheated or heated
– No ducting required
– White grill standard – additional metals and colors available

Model BCE, BCT Bug Control Air Curtain


Ideally suited for delivery doors to kitchens, food prep and storage areas.
– For openings up to 8 feet high
– Nozzle widths from 36 to 145 inches
– Single speed
– Can be ETL listed for indoor or outdoor use

Model RBT Sanitation Standard NSF-37 Certified Air Curtain


– Nozzle width from 36 to 145 inches
– Stainless steel construction
– Single speed

ETD/THS Climate Control Air Curtain


Designed for dock and ground level doors with openings up to 12 feet high.
– Unheated or electric heat
– Dual speed
– Hot water and steam available

Light-Duty Hazardous Area (LDX) Unheated Air Curtains


LDX air curtains provide an environmental separation for dewatering, pharmaceutical, and hazardous warehouse facilities. The LDX is manufactured for Class I Division I Group C & D and Class II Group F & G hazardous areas.
– Case is 18 gauge 304 stainless steel in a number three finish.
– Motors are 3/4 HP explosion proof suitable for Class I Group D and Class II F&G. 1630 rpm each
– All internal wiring is encased in hard pipe and run to an explosion proof junction box.
– Air intake screen is perforated 304 stainless steel with mill grain finish.
– High efficiency discharge plenum with directional air foil vane factory set to facilitate deflection of air stream +/- 20 degrees.
– Hazardous area door switch for activation.

Light Duty Corrosive Area (LDC) Unheated Air Curtains


The LDC air curtain is designed for use in corrosive atmospheres. This light duty model has 3/4 hp motors, is unheated, and features a higher-grade stainless-steel case and stainless-steel internal components for added protection against rust and corrosion.
– Heavy duty case is 18-gauge 316 SS in a number three finish.
– Heavy duty TEAO 3/4 HP Dirty Duty Autophoretic motors with 316 stainless steel shafts, 1725 rpm each.
– 316 SS fans and housings.
– All fastening components including screws and bolts are type 316 SS.
– Air intake screen is perforated 316 SS with mill grain finish.
– High efficiency discharge plenum factory set to facilitate deflection of air stream +/-20 degrees.
– NEMA 4X control panel constructed of 316 SS.

UVC-Aire Light Air Purification System


The UV-C Aire offers utilizes UV-C technology in an air curtain that has proven to inactivate/kill up to 99% of pathogens including COVID-19.
– UVC Light Wavelength – 253.7nm
– COVID-19 Kill Rate – 99.01 to 99.71% (dependent on motor speed)
– For Door Widths between 36” and 168”

Industrial Air Curtains

Powered Aire’s industrial product line features durable stainless steel air curtains with direct-drive motors. Models are available with several heating options and can be shipped in single increments up to 30 feet wide. All Powered Aire industrial curtains are ETL certified in the U.S. and Canada.

Model TSD Industrial Air Curtain


Designed for use on dock doors and other large openings in industrial settings with openings up to 17 feet high.
– Direct drive – no belts
– Motor/blower plate is one removable assembly
– TEAO motors and galvanized blower wheels mount directly to 1-inch shaft
– Non-corrosive 304 stainless steel casing for long lasting performance
– Top and bottom access panels allow for easy inspection, cleaning or servicing
– Unheated, hot water, steam, indirect gas fired and direct gas fired available
– Powered Aire offers AMCA licensed unheated TSD air curtains in widths up to 30 feet.

Model EHD Extra High Door Air Curtain


– For openings up to 22 feet high
– Unheated, hot water, steam, indirect gas fired and direct gas fired available
– Nozzle widths from 4 to 20 feet
– Single speed

Model BPA Big Powered Air Curtain


– For openings up to 30 feet high
– Nozzle widths from 5 to 20 feet
-Single speed

Model HDC-4-216 Air Curtain


– Side mounted application for rail facilities
– Heavy Duty TEAO motor w/stainless steel shaft
– Stainless steel housings and fastening components
– NEMA 4X stainless steel control panels
– High efficiency discharge plenum