Redd-i Products Company, a division of TPI Industries, has been supplying the HVAC industry with quality, affordable comfort systems for over 40 year. Redd-i offers the best in open coil and finned tubular duct heaters – proudly made in America.

Energy International is the Authorized Distributor for Redd-i Duct Heaters in the Middle East. For more information on Redd-i products contact your Energy International representative.

Redd-i Heat Products

HF Series Open Coil Element Duct Heater

HS Series

Open coil duct heaters offer several advantages when used properly. They release heat directly into the air stream resulting in lower element temperatures, provide higher wattage per square foot of duct area, have low pressure drop due to high percentage of open area, are light weight, easily installed and economical with quick delivery available.

– Galvanized steel control box with optional 1/2” insulation and hinged cover
– Primary and secondary over temperature protection
– De-energizing definite purpose contractors
– Differential pressure fan interlock
– 24 volt control transformer
– Fusing over 48 Amps (per NEC)
– Line terminal blocks

PD Series Packaged Duct Heater

HS Series

– Galvanized steel element rack – always 1” shorter than duct width to allow insertion clearance
– Galvanized steel compartment with 1/2” fiberglass insulation & hinged cover
– Door interlock disconnect switch
– Primary automatic reset temp limiting control
– Load carrying secondary over temperature protective devices(s)
– Definite purpose magnetic contractor(s)
– Differential pressure fan inter-lock switch
– Step down control transformer/24 volt
– Permanently attached wiring diagram on inside of terminal compartment cover

CHMS Series Finned Tubular Element Duct Heater

HS Series

Finned tubular duct heaters provide many benefits to the customer. They provide slower heating and cooling for closer temperature regulations, electrical shock hazards are reduced, not susceptible to shorting on the elements, are easily serviced and better withstand physical abuse

– Insert or flanged construction
– Integral or remote control panels
– Available with NEMA 4-4x-12 control panels
– ABS type approved
– Constructed of 18 gauge aluminized steel
– Elements are made of high quality alloy resistor wire, centered and permanently encased in rock-hard refractory material in a stainless-steel sheath
– Minimum heater sizes 8” x 8” – Max KW 18.1 KW per sq.-ft.