WATTS Water Technologies, with headquarters in North Andover, MA, USA and a regional office in Dubai, UAE, designs, manufactures and sells an extensive line of flow control, water safety, water filtration & treatment, drainage and PEX plumbing products for the commercial, residential and institutional markets.

Energy International is the Authorized Distributor for WATTS products in the Middle East. For more information on WATTS products contact your Energy International representative.

WATTS Representatives

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T: +966-11-476-2755
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Fadi Ammous
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M: +966-56-456-5557
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Point-of-Entry Residential Specialty Systems

Flow-Max UV Plus Systems


Whole house systems combine sediment and carbon filtration with UV Disinfectant.
Designed for up to 15 GPM

SmartStream UV


-254 Nanometer Germicidal UV Disinfectant Systems
-Connections sizes 3/8” to 1 ½ “ (10mm to 40mm)
-Flow rates from 1 gpm to 50 gpm (3.8 lpm to 190 lpm)
The Watts SmartStream line of ultraviolet (UV) disinfection systems is highly effective at providing protection against microbiological contamination in water for residential and commercial applications with flow rates up to 50 gallons per minute.

E-Treat ScaleNet Residential Water Conditioners


Unique tank-in-tank design that combines carbon filtration with our proprietary scale prevention media in one system.
No salt, chemicals, backwash or electricity required

Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems

Light Commercial and Wall Mount RO Systems

light commercial

Compact designs are offered from 150 to 1200 GPD.
Systems engineered for quality and long-term operation.

R4X40 Series RO Systems


Watt’s most popular commercial RO systems.
Available from 2200 to 6600 GPD

R12 to R48 Systems


Provide a wide array of options and upgrades for up to 100 GPM, 144,000 GPD.
Custom design features available.

Point-Of-Use Drinking Water and Reverse Osmosis Systems

GTS Series Reverse Osmosis Systems


Simple, economical, reliable operation from a low cost traditional design.

W Series Reverse Osmosis Systems


NSF/ANSI 58 Certified using low-cost traditional design.
Assembled in the USA.

FMRO4 manifold Series Reverse Osmosis Systems


Unique, reliable design with fewer connections to lessen potential leak points.

QT Plus Series Reverse Osmosis Systems


With proprietary quarter-turn filters and a wide range of add-on accessories.
Sanitary change filters for easy service.

Quick Change Series Reverse Osmosis Systems


NSF/ANSI 58 Certified with simple, space saving proprietary sanitary filters.
The Best of the Best with quarter-turn swing-out encapsulated cartridges.

Half-Turn Series Reverse Osmosis Systems


Half-Turn filter housings for simple, reliable design build.
Available with traditional or proprietary membrane. Assembled in the USA.

Zero Waste Reverse Osmosis Kits

Check valves

Osmosis Retrofit Kits environmentally friendly with no water wasted.
Use in new or upgraded systems.

Quick Change and Quick Twist Drinking Water Systems


Great tasting drinking water with no water wasted and no storage tank. One-, two- and three-stage options including Ultra Filtration.

Commercial Specialty Systems

Big Bubba Filter Housings


Provide up to 150 GPM and a wide range of versatile filtration options.
Available with sediment and carbon filters.

Anti Scale Water Treatment


Scale-Net Scale Prevention media virtually eliminates scale without salt, chemicals, backwash or electricity.

Commercial Softeners and Filters


Available in a wide array of configurations and operating systems.
Options include skid mounting, pre-plumbed and custom designs for nearly any application.

Point-of-Entry Residential and Commercial Softeners and Backwashing Filters

-High quality softening: Wide range of softening systems using high-quality components
-Optional Vortech Distributor Tanks: Retain the distribution permanently in place when the valve is removed. Provides unique, enhanced and efficient operation. Made in USA
– Alamo Brand A4000 Resin: WQA Gold Seal Certified NSF/ANSI Std. 44 is used in our most popular softener systems and is designed for demanding commercial applications.
-Smart-n-Soft Water Softeners: Offer unique, highly-efficient proprietary electronics and proportional brining. A Watts proprietary system (residential system only)

Popular Media Choices

Micro Z for Superior Filtration

Huge service flow rate and backwash requirement advantages over multi-media units. NSF/ANSI 61 Certified

Catalytic and Granular Activated Carbon

Reduces a wide range of contaminants. NSF/ANSI 61 Certified.

Ion Exchange

High purity, premium-grade, pre-washed, strong acid gel-type cation exchange resin. NSF/ANSI 44 Certified.

Filox Media

Impressive service flow rates to reduce iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide, often without chemicals. NSF/ANSI 44 Certified.