July 10, 2012

Energy International Corporation (EIC), has signed an agreement with Tower Tech Inc. naming EIC as the exclusive representative for Tower Tech products in the Middle East.

 Tower Tech Inc., headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA, is an innovator in the cooling tower industry, manufacturing patented high-efficiency cooling towers since 1985.

“We are pleased to announce the addition of Tower Tech to the EIC family of quality manufacturers,” said Dr. Ned Fawaz, Chairman and CEO of Energy International Corporation. “EIC is committed to bringing our customers the latest technologies in the HVAC and electromechanical industries. We are certain that Tower Tech cooling towers will revolutionize the HVAC industry and become a must-have solution for a region that is searching for state-of-the-art products that are proven to conserve water and energy.”

“We look forward to a very successful partnership with Energy International,” said Dan Coday, Sales Manager for Offshore FRP Towers, Tower Tech Inc. “EIC is a respected name in the industry and we feel they are the right company to help us introduce this new, cutting-edge  technology to the MENA region.”

Tower Tech’s patented, modular design is the most efficient on the planet.  Even though the Tower Tech design can be initial price competitive with stainless steel and other pultruded fiberglass structures when bid according to Tower Tech’s “or equal” specification, the life cycle operating cost can be up to 60 percent less over the life of the unit compared to conventional cooling towers. Along with a reduction in energy usage, Tower Tech’s innovative technology also conserves water, an expensive natural resource in the Middle East.

A recent life-cycle study on a Tower Tech installation at a university in Kuwait showed a savings of 58 million gallons of water per year.   These are huge savings in a climate where water is expensive and the intense heat increases evaporation.

The Tower Tech modular tower has several patented design features developed specifically to address the major shortcomings of conventional cooling towers.

Tower Tech’s Flow-Thru Basin is an enclosed, elevated basin design that removes the noisy and inefficient free-fall rain zone, reducing pump energy requirements by as much as 50 percent.  The tower incorporates a patented perimeter box beam that serves as both the cold water reservoir and provides the base structural component of the tower. High water velocities in the basin beams continually scrub the walls and floor of the basin to eliminate the build-up of sediment and greatly reduce the potential for Legionella formation. Since the water basin is not exposed to sunlight, the need for algaecide and other treatment chemicals can be reduced by up to 45 percent.  Since the water basin is totally enclosed, the majority of the sand in a sand storm is blown under the tower instead of into the tower, as is the case with conventional cooling tower open air inlets.  This also completely eliminates water lost due to “windage”.

The patented Water Collection System serves as an efficient collection chamber and conduit for channeling water flow into the Flow Thru Basin. The exclusive shape aerodynamically moves inlet air into the fill media while effectively providing a leak-free barrier protecting mechanical components.

Tower Tech’s innovative Rotary Spray Nozzle delivers an even fill coverage across a broad range of system flows.  The nozzle requires less pressure to operate compared to a conventional nozzle, is virtually maintenance free and dramatically improves tower performance.

“The use of a lateral spray pattern lets us position the nozzle juts one inch off the fill material,” said Coday, saving several feet of pump head and nearly eliminating drift loss. A turbine driven rotor spins on a water bearing for clog-free operation.”

The nozzle orifice is shaped to provide an even square spray pattern wetting the entire tower’s fill, improving tower performance and reducing the likelihood of scaling due to dry regions in the fill. The spring-actuated orifice allows the nozzle to automatically adjust the spray pattern to changes in the flow rate.   This innovative design features offers energy savings never before realized with cooling tower operation during part load conditions.

Tower Tech’s modular design utilizes a number of bottom-mounted small fans to add even more flexibility and significantly greater reliability. Smaller fans use smaller motors that when coupled with the tower’s variable flow capabilities can delivery energy savings of up to 78 percent, based on the size of the tower and system configuration. Direct drive fans eliminate the need for gear reducers, drive shafts, couplings and pulleys. Fans are installed vertically (shaft down) for easy maintenance.

“Our fan placement makes fan inspection a breeze,” said Coday. “Most units only require fan inspection once a month. Fans are easily accessible on the bottom of the tower and just need to be checked for unnecessary wear and tear.”

Tower Tech cooling towers are constructed of industrial-grade, corrosion-resistant fiberglass for a longer operating life compared to conventional steel and wood cooling towers. All metal parts located inside the water stream are made of 304stainless steel. The modular design comes complete and can typically be delivered unescorted on a conventional semi trailer. Units can typically be installed in one hour each.

Tower Tech’s modular towers are easily linked together to create virtually any size cooling tower and quickly accommodates expansion of cooling tower capacity.

For more information on Tower Tech cooling towers, contact your local Energy International Representative visit