About Energy International Corporation

For more than 30 years, Energy International Corporation has been the leader in industrial design, supply, installation and operation and maintenance of electro-mechanical controls for the construction, aviation and transportation industries. EIC supplies electro-mechanical products to a prestigious list of corporate and government entities and has contributed to the creation of international airports, trade centers, shopping malls, gas refineries, hospitals, hotels, schools and factories across the globe.

Energy International Corporation is growing to meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers. We actively participate in the development of full-spectrum business relationships with our associates and suppliers so we may fulfill the expanding demand for top-quality engineering products and services.

Thousands have entrusted their business to Energy International Corporation because of our commitment to excellence through profit-conscious and environmentally- and socially-responsible practices. We maintain high standards of performance because we desire a strong, long-term position in the competitive environments in which we operate. Energy International Corporation, with our partners, suppliers and associates, wants to work closely with you to advance the pursuit of more efficient and sustainable uses of our engineering resources.


Dr. Ned M. Fawaz – Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Allie Bazzy – President
Alex M. Fawaz – Vice President of Operations
Rami Fawaz – Business Development