Representatives from Energy International’s Parking & Transportation division were invited to participate in one of seven sessions held at the Dubai Roads and Transportation Authority (RTA) Innovation Lab throughout 2015.

The Innovation Lab, the first government lab in Dubai, is housed within the Al Sufouh Tram Depot and includes cutting-edge training halls fitted with the latest technologies, workshop spaces for brainstorming sessions, and a club conductive to innovation.

The lab also houses a library offering resources in various fields and majors and is fitted with interactive monitors enabling members to exchange visual content with support for smartphones and other portable devices used by workshop participants

The first of seven sessions was held in June, 2015 and chaired by Mattar Al Thayer- Director-General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of the RTA. Attendees included CEOs and Directors of the RTA along with university students and a representative of Ernst & Young. The group generated a number of ideas aimed at developing and improving the RTA’s business sector services.

EIC Parking & Transportation was represented by Mr. Aspi Kapadia, Vice President, Mr. Hussein Farran, Business Development Manager and Chadi Farran, Program Manager. They were among the 41 who attended the fifth session held on November 11, 2015. The session reviewed improvement projects of the marine transport systems.

“We discussed different ideas addressing two major themes in Marine Transport – Increasing ridership and reducing operational costs,” said Chadi Farran. “All participants where spilt into groups and were tasked with brainstorming ideas based on these two themes.  After generating their ideas, the groups where then merged by theme and they consolidated their top three ideas which was presented to the directors of RTA.”