September 18, 2012

Energy International Corporation, a leader in the design and supply of HVAC and electromechanical equipment to the Middle East and North Africa is proud to announce that they have been chosen as the exclusive representative for Burnham Commercial Boilers in the Middle East.

Headquartered in Lancaster, PA, USA, with facilities in six states, Burnham Commercial Boilers is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, boilers and control systems for commercial and industrial applications, serving the international market for more than 150 years.

“We are very pleased to announce the addition of Burnham Commercial Boilers to the Energy International product line-up,” said Ned Fawaz, CEO, Energy International Corporation. “Burnham is a well-respected name in the industry offering boiler systems designed to meet the stringent demands of our customers in the Middle East.”

“Burnham Boilers is excited about the opportunity to work with Energy international in the Middle East,” said William J. Bloom, National Sales Manager, Commercial Steel products. “Energy is a well-respected name among consultants and contractors in the region and we look forward to introducing them to our quality line of commercial and industrial boilers.”

Burnham Commercial specializes in wetback boilers, utilizing state-of-the-art modeling and design technology to create a product with focus on long-term energy and maintenance efficiencies.

“Burnham Commercial boilers are designed to reduce potentially enormous hidden costs down the road,” said Bloom. “With any ordinary boiler, expenses such as fuel, maintenance and repair costs can escalate over the life of the unit. Burnham packaged boilers are designed to significantly reduce these expenditures.”

Unlike dryback systems, Burnham wetback boilers don’t experience a drop in performance due to deteriorating rear refractory, leaking door baffles and seals, and heat-stressed rear tubesheet.

“Over the life of a dryback, the refractory will require continuous monitoring and maintenance,” said Bloom. “These built-in maintenance costs can eventually equal or exceed the original cost of the boiler.”

The Burnham Wetback eliminates unnecessary costs and downtime. The actively functional water jacket eliminates the need for a refractory wall, a rear door with rear-door inspection and sealing and a temperature alarm.

Burnham wetback boilers feature a small, inexpensive refractory area in the burner area, for burner mounting. The lightweight rear access door is lined with a vacuum-formed ceramic fiber shell. The furnace and turnaround area are cool running, fully wetbacked radiant heating transfer surfaces. They promote good internal water circulation and rapid heat absorption, eliminating the need for the forced internal circulation pumps often specified to cool the rear tubesheets of drybacks.

Burnham Scotch Marine wetback boilers feature separate tubesheets from each pass to expand and contract at its own rate without tube-to-sheet stress. Tubes are rolled and flared tube ends on low-pressure units, and rolled, flared and beaded ends on high-pressure units. Unlike dryback systems, tube replacement is simply a mechanical operation with no welding required.

“Burnham boilers wetback design eliminates all the costly headaches associated with dryback boilers,” said Bloom. “The end result is less cost, less headaches and increased boiler performance.”

All Burnham Commercial cast iron sections are manufactured at the company’s own foundry in Zanesville, Ohio. Manufacturing and assembly plants use state-of-the-art machinery and highly-trained operators to ensure that every boiler section is machined and assembled to the highest standards for quality and precision. Burnham’s Quality Control department meticulously monitors the production process, checking tolerances and product quality to meet customer’s specifications. Burnham’s in-house Research and Development center assures that every Burnham product meets rigorous performance and safety tests.

Burnham Commercial offers hundreds of options beyond the standard trim and controls. Burnham’s furnace box is designed to accommodate nearly any burner system available on the market. Burnham Commercial boilers use no proprietary parts or gaskets. Most parts are readily available from any plumbing supplier reducing down-time and repair costs.

For more information on Burnham Commercial boilers, contact your local Energy International representative or visit EIC online at