The post Lock-Down world is set to present it’s own challenges when it comes to keeping the CoronaVirus at bay. As Governments begin to relax restrictions on movement and economies restart, there will be a need to ensure our environment is as safe and clean as possible. It will become normal to take added precautions when moving to and from our homes such as using PPE and regularly washing hands. To add an extra level of safety for both people and the environments they occupy, sanitization and disinfection with proven products kills known Viruses, Parasites, Bacteria and Fungal Spores. These can be carried on our person regardless of the use of PPE, so adding the ability to disinfect each person entering an environment just makes sense.

SANIgate is a simple and effective means of providing disinfection of people entering any building or area. The quick deployment Chamber is capable of fast throughput and thorough dispersant of any WHO approved soluble disinfectant to sanitize each person passing through. It achieves this by using extremely fine mist nozzles to atomize the water based solution. Infrared sensors automatically start the disinfection process upon a person entering the chamber. Clear visual and audible indicators guide the process and notify the occupant once the process is complete. This can take as little as 5 seconds and as long as 30 seconds depending on the user’s requirements. It’s that simple…

– Infrared Sensor Auto Start/Stop Activation
– Head-to-Toe all around Mist Coverage
– Wheelchair friendly Foldable Ramp
– Suitable for all types of Footwear
– Mist collection Tray with Drainage
– User-friendly Traffic Indication Light
– LED Lighting with Transparent Panels
– Multi-lingual Instructions


The SANIgate Chamber is a versatile Unit capable of quick and easy deployment in just about any environment. Ideally suited to provide disinfection of people using the following facilities:

– Offices and Warehouses
– Transportation Hubs – Airports, Train Stations, Bus Stations, Taxi Ranks
– Shopping Malls, Supermarkets, Food Markets, other Shopping Facilities
– Construction Sites
– Hotels and Guest Houses
– Employee Accommodation
– Government Offices/Ministries
– Service Centers
– Public Buildings
– Villas and Apartment Buildings
– Hospitals and Clinics
– Schools and Universities
– Banks and Financial Institutions


SANIgate Chamber weighs 280kg and measures 1.1m Wide x 2m Length x 2.1m High (excluding fold-down Ramps – 600mm Wide x 1.1m Length x 170mm High). Each Chamber is made from robust Powder Coated hollow Steel and Acrylic construction and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Enter and exit the unit using a non-slip rubber coated ramp.

SANIgate comes complete with a 45 liter tank which is capable of serving up to 550 (10 Second) cycles. A larger Tank can be supplied as required.

SANIgate simply plugs in to a standard wall socket (220 – 230 vAC @ 200 watts)

SANIgate can be fitted with several optional features: Automated Hand Sanitizer, Pass-Through LED Foot Traffic Counter, Liquid Level Indicator and Contactless Temperature Sensor.

SANIgate is available as a fully assembled unit, or for more cost effective shipping, can be provided flat-packed – Full dimension of each component (mm):-

Side Panel (x2) – 1950 H x 1960 L x 50 Thk
Top Panel (x1) – 1110 H x 1970 L x 50 Thk
Base (x1) – 1100 W x 2000 L x 170 Thk
Ramp (x2) – 600 W x 1100 L x 170 Thk
Control (x1) – 420 D x 1200 H x 1000 W
Accessories Pack (x1)

SANIgate Prices and Availability upon Request