September 28, 2010

Energy International Corporation (EIC) has been chosen to supply the variable air valve (VAV) boxes for the third phase of the construction of the new headquarters building for the Royal Jordanian Airlines in Amman, Jordan.

The new headquarters complex, scheduled for completion early in 2011, is being built on a 9,000 sq. m. plot located just to the west of the city. Designed by renowned architectural firm Niels Torp AS of Oslo, Norway, the complex consists of two buildings, a three-story “static” structure and an eight-story “dynamic” structure.  The two structures will be connected by a number of elevated crosswalks and share a glass-covered atrium.

As explained by the architect, the southern, or “dynamic” will be the signature of the building, resembling the smooth aerodynamics of an airplane with a distinctive façade finished in glass louvers and stone, reflecting a mixture of modern and traditional architecture.

The design of the complex required a special-designed variable air valve (VAV) or air terminal box. VAV units allow for precise control of airflow in large structures, allowing air-conditioning and heating systems, fans and other components to work at optimum efficiency, reducing the number of running hours and saving electricity which reduces operating costs.

Most off-the-shelf single duct VAVs come with a single outlet. The VAV specifications for the Royal Jordanian headquarters job required a single duct VAV with multiple outlets.

Energy International’s engineering staff worked with contractor Haddad Contracting Co. and supplier Metalaire, UAE to design and engineer a multi-outlet unit that met the specifics required by the contractor.

The custom solution called for the addition of a multi-outlet plenum box attached to the outlet of the VAV box. To minimize the length of the VAV, which was already equipped with a sound attenuator, the new design integrated the plenum box into the sound attenuator, saving valuable space, without affecting performance.

“The Royal Jordanian Airlines project is extremely important to EIC Jordan and Energy International in general,” said Esam Abu-Zahra, Regional Manager for Energy International’s Jordan office. “It’s a prime example of the kind of technical expertise and dedication that EIC can bring to any project.  Thanks to the cooperation between Dr. Khalaf Haddadin , Nihad Sharabati and Zakariyahj Maswdi of the Haddad Contracting Co., Metalaire and the engineering and manufacturing team at EIC, we were able to take on this challenging and exciting job and deliver results.”

The custom-made VAVs will be fabricated and shipped from Energy Industrial Co., EIC’s manufacturing facility in Sharjah, UAE, a licensed manufacturer of Metalaire products for the Middle East.