Manufacturers (Green Energy)


bioclimaticBioclimatic, headquartered in Bad Nenndorf, Germany, has more than thirty years of experience in the development and manufacture of high-quality air conditioning, exhaust cleaning and disinfection systems for business and industry. The company’s state-of-the-art technologies like AirPerfect, Phoenix and Viroxx, are the staple of many of the world’s leading manufactures in the food production, storage and transportation sectors and are used exclusively in hospitals and medical facilities worldwide.


pennbarryPennBarry is a world-renowned manufacturer of centrifugal and axial fans for commercial and industrial applications. Penn products have been used in many prestigious projects throughout the Middle East. Manufactured in the U.S., Penn products are specifically designed for contractors who are seeking LEED certification. Leoni offers complete service from design, planning, development, to production and maintenance.

Purified Air

ProklimaUK-based Purified Air is a specialist in commercial air conditioning and the control and elimination of smoke and odors for restaurants and commercial kitchens. Purified Air supplies products and systems worldwide.


CantechCantech Kitchen Ventilation, located in Bradford, UK, has an unrivaled reputation in the field of kitchen and food preparation ventilation. The company has been actively involved in compiling the industry standard for canopy/kitchen ventilation with services including design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of complete systems including, where applicable, filtration requirements, pressure regime control and fire related solutions.

UVGI Systems

UVGIUVGI Systems have created the world’s only air sterilization units that give measurable performance and guaranteed results: removing airborne pathogens that include bacteria and viruses from indoor environments, providing clean air. The applications of this revolutionary technology are limitless, benefitting healthcare environments, commercial offices, hotels, entertainment venues and educational institutions.


CleaneticsCleanetics is a leader in cleanroom deisgn, engineering and construction, servicing clients in the Life Sciences, Health Sciences, Nanotechnology, Microelectronics and Aerospace Industries, and has effectively constructed classified facilities for R&D, food & beverage, Contract manufacturers and OEM providers.