Amany Saayed, Sarah Al Hajjar, Ali Mteirek and Amany Awada also assume new duties

Energy International announces they have named Majd Kanaan as Operations Manager.

Kanaan will be working out of the company’s Beirut, Lebanon office where he will manage the daily operations of Estimation, Logistics and Shipping, and Technical Control and Order Processing.

“The establishment of the Operations Department is the next phase of a three-year plan designed to increase efficiency, reduce cost and provide exemplary service to our customers,” said Alex Fawaz, VP Operations, Energy International. “We feel Majd is the right person to be heading this department. He is a dedicated employee, has a great understanding of the workings of Energy International and has proven himself as a successful estimator and salesman.”

Along with his managerial duties Kanaan will provide sales training to estimators that demonstrate sales potential and groom them for deployment to Energy’s regional sales offices.

Kanaan will also help launch the Product Development Department identifying new products that can be added to the Energy International portfolio.
Kanaan joined Energy international in 2013 as an Estimation Engineer working out of the Beirut, Lebanon office. He was promoted to Sales Engineer the following year working under Area Manager Mazen Sheet in Energy’s Riyadh, KSA office, before returning to Lebanon to take on his new position.

Amany Saayed, former Senior Estimation Engineer and supervisor for Estimation, has been promoted to Senior Technical Engineer in charge of Order Processing and Technical Control.

Amany Joined Energy International in 2013 working in the Beirut, Lebanon office in the Estimation Department. She was promoted to Supervisor of the department in 2016.

“Amany was chosen to head TCOP due to her high level of technical knowledge, her expertise and her ability,” said Fawaz. “Her dedication to Energy International and the Estimation Team has helped us to improve our efficiency and increase productivity. We are proud to have her as a member of the Energy family and look forward to continued success.”

TCOP will support the Estimation Department on any high-level technical issues as well as provide innovative thinking on cost saving and creative selection.

TCOP will also provide new and innovative solutions and ensure the Estimation Team is educated on these new technical discoveries. They will also review and sign off on any compliance related documents ensuring the highest level of accuracy.

“The TCOP department will also support Sales in the Saudi market as needed, and may be directly looped in, at the request of Sales, to assist from a compliance or technical standpoint—communicating directly with customers or consultants, said Fawaz. “The department will also be responsible for ensuring all necessary technical approvals are in-place before an order is submitted to be processed.”

Sarah Al Hajjar has been promoted to Senior Estimating Engineer for the Estimation Department while also providing support to TCOP.

Ali Mteirek has been promoted to Supervising Estimation Engineer for the Estimation Department.

The Estimation Department works with the U.S., Beirut and Saudi offices to provide Sales Engineers with product selections and other technical information based on job specifications provided by customers.

Amany Awada expands her role moving from providing shipping and logistics to the Energy’s Lebanon office to working with the shipping and logistics team in the U.S. where she will assist with shipping product from Energy’s U.S. and European supplier-partners to construction sites throughout the Middle East.