State‐of‐the‐art facility to provide complete air flow and sound testing for all
METALAIRE products

Energy International recently had the pleasure of welcoming the president and owner of Metal Industries Inc.(MI) of Clearwater, Florida, manufacturers of METALAIRE products represented by Energy International throughout the Middle East.

Jay Poppleton of JT Walker Industries, Inc. owner of Metal Industries Inc. and Damian Macaluso, President of Metal Industries Inc., sat down with the EIC executives and engineering staff to discuss Metal Industries new testing facility and to introduce some new products and technologies including a new gel seal HEPA unit designed for labs and a new line of thermal diffusers.

EIC has enjoyed a tight working relationship with METALAIRE for more than 30 years, nearly as long as EIC
has been in business. Both companies are predicting a very profitable year in 2014.

“We’ve enjoyed the relationship,” said Macaluso. “Our records date back 28 years, but that was the days before computers, it’s probably 30 years or more, a long, long time.”

Metal Industries has recently begun testing in its new “Tokey Walker Research and Development
Laboratory”, named after the company’s founder.

The new 5,780 sq. ft. multi-Lab test facility which houses an acoustic lab room, a future louver and damper air performance chamber test room, and there are plans to build a chilled beam calorimeter chamber. The acoustic lab is up and running with work continuing on the additional facilities. Once fully operational, the lab will be able to test sound and airflow concurrently.

Air flow capabilities can be tested to 6,000 cfm for terminal units and 50,000 cfm for louvers and dampers up to 48‐in. by 48‐in. When mixing temperature efficiency is required, MI utilizes a 60 channel multiplexor to obtain real‐time temperature mixing and thermal gradient data.

The lab also includes the necessary equipment to accurately obtain airflow parameters such as static and total pressures, humidity, temperature and barometric pressure.

Sound testing capabilities have been increased. The former lab was able to measure from 125Hz to
10,000Hz. The new facility measures 50Hz to 10,000Hz ‐ 50Hz being a critical range for HVAC equipment
– and can test to as low as 35dB.

The acoustic lab is constructed of 12‐inch cement blocks filled with sand, erected on an isolated 6‐inch thick concrete slab, covered with a flat insulated metal deck ceiling.

The acoustic lab is a reverberant room qualified for the measurement of broad‐band sound levels in accordance with ANSI S12.51, ISO Standard 3741 and AHRI Standard 220.

The lab has state‐of‐the‐art instrumentation for data acquisition which is composed of a B&K rotating boom and a B&K Pulse System analyzer with the data evaluated using a computerized system.

Macaluso also announced the newly‐formatted METALAIRE Air Terminal Units catalog. The new catalog uses a three ring binder format instead of the usual perfect bound format, making it easier to remove single pages and scan them or copy them to add to submittals.

In the coming months, METALAIRE will offer dynamic submittals that can be customized per specific model number. The database will be cloud‐based and available on any device from PC, to tablet to smartphone.

“Being cloud‐based allows us to update the data anytime so you will always be downloading the most recent data,” said Macaluso.