Solatonic designs, engineers, manufactures and installs customized photovoltaic solar energy and solar lighting solutions. Solartonic’s innovative, high-quality, new wave, photovoltaic solar energy products and systems are ideally suited for buildings and streetscapes.

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Solartonic Products



Solatonic’s unique, vertically mounted, wrap-around lamp-pole-integrated solar panel system can supplement electrical power through an innovative grid-tied network or provide off-grid power through on-site battery storage. Solartonic’s proprietary solar modules, electrical design and mounting mechanisms provide a sophisticated renewable energy resource appropriate to any urban context. The Solarap panels accommodate varying pole orientations to optimally absorb all available direct and diffuse sunlight providing consistent power in any season.



Solartonic has developed Smaradapt, a new off-grid solar lighting control system. Smaradapt is designed to interface with most top-end lighting fixtures equipped with AC or DC powered LED luminaires. Smaradapt features a fail-safe intelligent monitoring and control system that optimally manages both the lighting output and battery life. The Smaradapt control system is included in Solartonic’s lighting products and is offered in both premium and regular solar applications. The smart controls can be adapted for a wide range of area lighting applications such as parks, walkways, cycling paths, parking lots, streetlights and major roadways.



solapole is a custom-designed and fabricated lamp standard that houses all the controls and built-in battery integrated systems providing multi-functional capabilities in a fully integrated and aesthetically pleasing design. solapole lamp standards are included in Solartonic’s premium lighting products and can be adapted to a wide range of pole shapes including square, circular, rectangular and pentagonal. The design integrates nicely with Solartonic’s PV modules offering a large range of lighting fixtures and sensing devices, including LED signage, Wi-Fi networks, traffic signals and way finding signage. Each solapole is fabricated from high quality, high temper aluminum alloy resulting in durable and lightweight poles for ease of handling and installation. Laser cutting technology incorporates Solartonic’s proprietary attachment systems integrating all components within the pole. Poles are powder coated in accordance with customer specifications.



Solartonic’s pv-win serves dual purposes. The 20% transparent thin film, a Si photovoltaic technology which resembles tinted glass, allows for normal window function while also providing solar power. PV-Win can be designed to complement any type of architecture and installs like a standard window without need for additional support structures.



Solartonic’s solar tracking louver systems, or structurally integrated solar shading, are coated with a high-performance glazing to significantly reduce thermal heat transfer losses and at the same time produce beneficial solar energy. The shading configuration integrates 10% transparent thin film, a Si photovoltaic technology, that can be customized to suit a variety of applications.



Solartonic’s PV-Wal uses opaque mono-crystalline or 10% transparent thin film amorphous silicon photovoltaic technology that seamlessly integrates with new or traditional building materials to create a fully functional solar-powered wall system. PV-Wal provides solar designers and installers with a wider range of options compared to limited roof area arrays.



Solartonic Modular Mass Customization (mmm) modules are based on mono-crystalline, poly-crystalline or transparent amorphous silicon photovoltaic technology, and created by integrating photovoltaic wafer or deposition technology within advanced glass lamination technology processes, to create mass customization solar module solutions. Solartonic mmm modules come in customized formations that are factory assembled to ensure fully sealed solar modules that are wired to achieve optimal power, voltage and current configurations and to optimize performance requirements. Customized panels can be fabricated to suit all shapes and sizes from 100 mm to 1400 mm. Solar panels are either opaque, open joined, semi-transparent or transparent (10-20% light emitting) depending on the power demand and specific building function.