Energy International – Jordan’s successful energy saving program has competitors playing catch-up.

There’s an old adage that goes “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” In the Jordan HVAC market it seems that imitation is a necessity for survival.

Energy International – Jordan continues to add success stories to the Energy Solution program portfolio.

The Energy Solutions program was initiated in 2014 in response to concerns fueled by a government declaration of a new electrical tariff that incrementally increased costs through 2017 by as much as 100%.

The program offers a free energy study on the electrical consumption of the customer’s current chillers compared to the savings they will see by replacing them with high-efficiency York chillers.

Energy International – Jordan goes as far as to guarantee that York chillers will save from 20% to 60% or the customer doesn’t have to pay for the units.

Currently, Energy International – Jordan counts more than a dozen satisfied customers in a number of sectors including hospitals, luxury hotels, shopping malls and industrial facilities.

The program has been such a success in Jordan that competitors are offering their own programs in an attempt to compete with Energy – Jordan.

“When we reached out to our first client in 2014, we were the only company offering such a program,” said Fadi Rashid, General Manager, Energy International – Jordan. “We now see our competitors offering similar plans as we are kicking them out of the market.

“For our latest project with the Movenpick Hotels & Resorts on the Dead Sea, we had some stiff competition from two manufacturers who constantly tried to undercut us on price,” added Rashid. “But we won out due to our experience, references and a good relationship with the client who also owns the Intercontinental Hotel in Amman which currently benefits from the Energy Solutions program.”

Energy – Jordan worked with the Movenpick Hotel providing the owners with a feasibility study and guiding them through the process, replacing two of their four chillers with two York high-efficiency YVAA chillers.

The YVAA chillers use variable speed drive (VSD) compressors and fans along with the world’s smartest controllers from Johnson Controls to deliver increased performance (high power factor of 0.95) while reducing energy costs.

Customers have reported energy savings from 30 to more than 50% running the units under the same operating conditions with some reporting that the York units also offer a better quality of cooling that their old units.
Results are certified by the Royal Scientific Society National Energy Research Center, the gold standard of accredited testing in Jordan.

The City Mall in Amman was one of the early benefactors of the Energy Solution program. Energy – Jordan worked with the mall in 2014 to replace three of their 11 original chillers under the Energy Saving Contract.

“We initially set the contract terms for a three-and-a-half-year duration,” said Rashid. “Fortunately, the savings were above expectations and the contract was closed a year earlier. After that success, we convinced the mall to replace another three 350-ton York YCAA chillers which were installed last summer. Now they can rely on the York chillers for cooling and use the old units for backup.”