Tower Tech Inc., manufacturer of the world’s most efficient cooling tower, has teamed up with Energy International Corporation (EIC), a leading supplier of HVAC equipment to the Middle East to win the Recognition Honors award for Manufacturer (Cooling Towers) at the 1st Annual District Cooling Awards held on October 7, 2013 at the Grand Hyatt in Doha, Qatar.

The awards, produced by CPI Industries, publishers of Climate Control Middle East magazine, were presented at a gala dinner ceremony as part of the 7th Edition of The Climate Control Conference held on October 6 – 7, in Doha.

This year’s Climate Control Conference focused on district cooling, bringing together the best minds of the district cooling community, the energy and water sectors, and the finance industry to lay the groundwork for the implementation of the cooling technology of the future with respect to regulations, sustainable use of water, end-user aspirations and using carbon credit as a source of finance.

B Surendar, Editorial Director and Publisher of CPI Industries says, “District cooling is acknowledged as having the potential to play a significant role in reducing domestic energy demand and as contributing to climate change mitigation efforts.”

Surendar said that the implementation of district cooling will face a number of challenges moving forward. The District Cooling Awards are intended to recognize and honor the businesses in the Qatari peninsula that effectively and substantially meet these challenges and contribute to the growth, development and well-being of district cooling in the country.

The jury of industry professionals was supported by the auditing firm KPMG which has worked closely with CPI Industry in the past few years to conduct the highly-acclaimed Climate Control Awards. KPMG was responsible for monitoring the entire process to ensure credibility and an adherence to metrics and merit.

“Congratulations to the Energy International team for their key role in helping Tower Tech win the Recognition Honors award for Manufacturer (Cooling Towers),” said Dan Coday, Sales Manager – International. “We are pleased that the jury can see that Tower Tech’s cooling tower technology can play a major role in implementing energy-efficient district cooling systems in Qatar.”

EIC and Tower Tech had a major presence at the 2013 C3 event. They were one of the event sponsors and had a booth on the conference floor demonstrating the latest in Tower Tech cooling tower technology. Dan Coday was one of the featured speakers at the conference.