EIC Parking & Transportation division (P&T) specializes in the Design, Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance of projects related to City-Wide SMART Parking Control Systems and Automated Mass Transit Ticketing Management for public transportation authorities such as metro, tram, bus, marine, and parking, and provides feasibility studies and turnkey project management for the development of city wide parking and transportation fare collection related services with fully-managed, end-to-end maintenance support services.

The P&T Electrostatic Discharge certified test laboratory can handle all levels of repairs right down to full tear-down of sub-component levels.

EIC P&T implemented the first off-street parking control system in the Middle East at the Dubai International Airport and has designed, supplied and supports over 6,500 Pay-&-Display Parking Machines for various government departments in the GCC area.

EIC P&T installed an end-to-end Automated Smart Parking Guidance System for thousands of parking spaces in Dubai enabling users to view Dynamic Message Signs and Smartphone Applications to seek and acquire smart guidance to vacant ON-street parking spaces.

EIC P&T has also supplied, installed and maintains more than 9,000 Automated Ticketing Fare Collection devices for bus and marine transport which, together with parking, seamlessly integrate over 16,000 devices annually handling more than 365 million transactions.

For more information visit the Transportation & Parking web site at http://www.energypark.ae/

Aspi Kapadia
Vice President
P: +971-4-337-7581
F: +971-4-336-0509